Josh is the author of seven books.

He also writes & draws for a number of

publications, both online and in print.

He is the only one-time committee member of The Guild

of Food Writers who took-up skateboarding at

the age of fifty-one and is still shredding. He is no longer

on the committee, but still an enthusiastic member.


I have written and illustrated a number of books about food and travel. I have also started a small independent publishing venture, publishing both my own and other people's material.

Guyrope Gourmet

(Punk Publishing: 2013)

The book that started it all. Guyrope Gourmet was my first book, a collection of camping recipes, musings and illustrations.

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(Red Fez Books: 2023)

A cultural and edible journey into the world of skateboarding. I first stepped on a skateboard aged fifty one. smorgasBOARD tells my story. 

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Food Worth Fighting For

(Prospect Books: 2016)

Food Worth Fighting For takes a look at historical food riots in the UK and drawing parallels with food poverty in Britain today.

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Outdoor Ovens

(Prospect Books: 2017)

A guide to historical and current types of outdoor ovens. If you can't stand the heat, go al fresco!

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Five Go Feasting

(Seven Dials: 2018)

Inspired by the diet of Blyton's Famous Five, Five Go Feasting is a jolly good cookbook for grown-up fans of Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timmy.

Available from: Amazon 

Food From Childhood

(Prospect Books: 2019)

This book follows the developmental stages of growth in childhood, showing how different cultures adapt to their surroundings and the needs of their children, and then providing recipes which will assist the parent of today in the difficult task of choosing the right way to feed a growing child.

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(Red Fez Books: 2019)

A collection of recipes, photographs, illustrations and musings inspired by the author's experience as a volunteer with skateboarding charity SkatePal in Palestine.